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For people who wish to be free from opioid dependence, it is great news that many safer drugs were found to help achieve such a treatment goal. It is a must that you are well-informed about your options if you are considering treatment either for yourself or for somebody else. Overcoming opioid addiction in Dallas, Texas is possible with these new drugs. Read on to learn more about them so you can choose which option would best fits your needs.


A combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, Zubsolv is a Swedish manufactured drug that comes in a tablet form. Unlike other drugs, this comes in a menthol flavor and dissolves under the tongue. It is best used for maintenance but only requires lower doses compared to current therapeutic drugs. When used alongside counseling and psychosocial therapy, Zubsolv lowers the risk of developing addiction unlike popularly prescribed opioid addiction medications.


This antidepressant drug helps to achieve serotonin and norepinephrine balance in the brain. The natural balance in the brain is disrupted after opioid addiction and Mirtazapine is the ideal drug to counteract the imbalances. It is highly effective in lessening the severity of withdrawal symptoms.


Although it is primarily used as a muscle relaxant, Baclofen is found to be effective in reducing anxiety during a withdrawal stage for those who are receiving opioid detoxification. It also lessens opioid cravings and obsessive thoughts that would normally occur during opioid withdrawal.


An injectable drug, CAM2038 is designed as a maintenance drug for opioid abusers. This drug comes in pre-filled syringes with the dose adjusted according to one’s weekly or monthly maintenance needs. There is a minimal risk for abuse for CAM2038 and the flexible dosing options will most likely maximize patient comfort.


Both an antagonist and agonist of opioid receptors, Pentazocine is a revolutionary drug that is used for drug dependents that really needs opioid medication. Instead of producing a euphoric feeling, the patient will only feel the therapeutic effects of the drug. This means that it is not a treatment for drug dependence but rather a great opioid medication option for those who have opioid dependency tendencies.


For those who have gone through a rehab program and is in great danger of having a relapse, Modafinil is found to be effective in blocking opiate seeking behaviors. This drug is produced mainly to treat sleeping disorders but was found to be effective in people who were recently diagnosed or was treated for opioid addiction.

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More studies are being conducted for effective opioid addiction treatment. Opioid abuse has become epidemic and the more people know about its consequences, the easier it is to convince those who are inflicted to seek help. If you want to help an opioid addict to recover, learn more about the different treatment options, like the drugs mentioned earlier. Alternatively, you can contact our Dallas addiction hotline at (469) 225-0647 today for more information.